The JELIA 2008 schedule is planned as follows and might be slightly changed due to final organization. For additional information and detailed schedules of the evening programs, please visit our website about social events.

Sunday, September 28

16.00 Visit of the Green Vault
18.00 Church of Our Lady

Monday, September 29

08.00 - 08.45 Registration
08.45 Opening
09.00 - 10.00 Sergei N. Artemov
  • Justification Logic
10.05 - 10.55 Non-Monotonic Reasoning I
  • Miki Hermann and Reinhard Pichler. Counting Complexity of Minimal Cardinality and Minimal Weight Abduction
  • Yi Zhou and Yan Zhang. Rule Calculus: Semantics, Axioms and Applications
30 minutes break
11.25 - 12.40 Temporal Logics I:
  • John McCabe-Dansted. A Tableau for RoBCTL*
  • Laura Bozzelli and Ruggero Lanotte. Complexity and Succinctness issues for linear-time hybrid logics
  • Felicidad Aguado, Pedro Cabalar, Gilberto Perez and Concepcion Vidal. Strongly Equivalent Temporal Logic Programs
Lunch Break
14.00 - 15.15 Belief Revision:
  • Luciano Caroprese and Mirek Truszczynski. Declarative Semantics for Revision Programming and Connections to Active Integrity Constraints
  • Satu Eloranta, Raul Hakli, Olli Niinivaara and Matti Nykänen. Accommodative Belief Revision
  • Sébastien Konieczny and Ramon Pino Perez. Confluence operators
30 minutes break
15.45 - 17.00 Argumentation:
  • Henry Prakken. Combining Modes of Reasoning: an Application of Abstract Argumentation
  • Paul-Amaury Matt and Francesca Toni. A Game-Theoretic Measure of Argument Strength for Abstract Argumentation
  • Paul Dunne and Martin Caminada. Computational Complexity of Semi-Stable Semantics in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks
17.00 meeting at main entrance of the faculty building for a walk through the city of Dresden
19.00 reception and dinner at the local pub “Planwirtschaft”

Tuesday, September 30

08.45 - 10.00 Non-Monotonic Reasoning II:
  • Yi Zhou and Yan Zhang. Meta Level Reasoning and Default Reasoning
  • David Billington. Propositional Clausal Defeasible Logic
  • Annamaria Bria, Wolfgang Faber and Nicola Leone. Normal Form Nested Programs
25 minutes break
10.25 - 11.15 Temporal Logics II:
  • Conrad Drescher and Michael Thielscher. A Fluent Calculus Semantics for ADL with Plan Constraints
  • Pietro Sala, Angelo Montanari, Davide Bresolin and Guido Sciavicco. An Optimal Tableau for Right Propositional Neighborhood Logic over Linear Orders
15 minutes break
11.30 - 12.30 Ruth Byrne
  • Reasoning and Imagination: How people create counter factuals
Lunch Break
13.30 meeting at main entrance of the faculty building
14.00 departure by paddle-steamer at the Dresden Terrassenufer
19.00 reception at Castle Eckberg
20.00 dinner

As we are going to have dinner in an exclusive restaurant, we recommend to wear smart casual attire for the evening.

Wednesday, October 1

09.00 - 10.00 Jérôme Lang
  • Voting in Combinatorial Domains: What Logic and AI Have to Say
10.05 - 10.55 Probabilistic Reasoning:
  • Aleksandar Perovic, Zoran Ognjanović, Miodrag Raskovic and Zoran Markovic. How to restore compactness into probabilistic logics?
  • Fabio Cuzzolin. On the credal structure of consistent probabilities
EMCL Master Thesis:
  • Magdalena Ortiz. Extending CARIN to the Description Logics of the SH Family
  • Novak Novakovic. Proof-theoretic Approach to Deciding Subsumption and Computing Least Common Subsumer in EL w.r.t. Hybrid TBoxes
30 minutes break
11.25 - 12.40 Multi Agents:
  • Koen Hindriks and Wiebe van der Hoek. GOAL Agents Instantiate Intention Logic
  • Jan Broersen, Rosja Mastop, John-Jules Meyer and Paolo Turrini. A logic for closed-world interaction
  • Guillaume Aucher. Consistency preservation and crazy formulas in BMS
Description Logics:
  • Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti and Gian Luca Pozzato. Reasoning about typicality in preferential description logics
  • Sebastian Rudolph, Markus Krötzsch and Pascal Hitzler. Cheap Boolean Role Constructors for Description Logics
  • Thomas Eiter, Georg Gottlob, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus. Query Answering in the Description Logic Horn-SHIQ
Lunch Break
14.00 - 15.15 Predicate and Modal Logics:
  • Jérôme Mengin, Meghyn Bienvenu and Andreas Herzig. Uniform interpolation by resolution in modal logic
  • Christoph Wernhard. Literal Protection for First-Order Logic
  • Renate Schmidt. Improved Second-Order Quantifier Elimination in Modal Logic
Linear and Multi-Valued Logics:
  • Norihiro Kamide. Linear exponentials as resource operators: A decidable first-order linear logic with bounded exponentials
  • Sylvie Coste-Marquis and Pierre Marquis. Recovering Consistency by Forgetting Inconsistency
  • Ekaterina Komendantskaya and John Power. Fibrational Semantics for Many-Valued Logic Programs: Grounds for Non-Groundness.
15.15 closing ceremony


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